Frozen Machines

On this occasion, when the crew arrived in Colorado to unload equipment, none of their machines will start. Dozens of specialized machines are not winterized for the high plains and this stalls production.


The winter weather has frozen the machine fuel lines and prevents many of the track from being unloaded from the train. A long train of machines sit useless until they can be started for this rail-track laying crew.

Machines stalled

You see, all the equipment is shipped by train to the next jobsite. The Railroad Equipment Operator (the RRer) drives with their own car to meet at the next location. This could be in the next state or maybe four states over. All of the locations are planned a year out in an advance. But you can’t plan the weather and you only get this on-job-training.

Heater 2

We film all the activity trying to warm up the equipment and the waiting. It’s an incredible sight to see this gang prepare for a long day. Special heaters are set up to thaw the fuel lines.



Once they do start they will remain on the entire week but that is not happening so all production is stalled. We watch as the Foremen try to each get their production group going. Each production group consists of 12 machines.

Valentino is scheduled to begin production group #2 but his machine still has not been started. We catch him waiting on the sidelines for the production #1 in the front of the train to move off.



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