Buy New Suitcases

Meeting the union reps for the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way set the tone for our film. They explained what we simply didn’t understand in one short story:

A group of new hires gather for a union meeting. The union rep asks if they know what BNSF stands for.  “Sure,” say the young guys. One yells out “Burlington Northern Santa Fe”.  The union rep says, “Okay, no!  Any other ideas?”

“Buy New Suitcases F-**ers because you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling.”

Haha yeah we couldn’t keep up with them!!  We tried for one steel gang. Missed ‘em. Tried to meet another and missed them too. They did not wait, they moved around like they owed us money or something. So we had to anticipate when and where to find them just to be early enough to catch them, which proved to be more challenging than planned. Railroaders are kind of arrogant in that they do not stop for anything or anyone, unless their car breaks down. But the more we asked around, we started to find them in their natural habitat – Next to their cars. And most certainly did stopped to film some RRers broken down by the side of the road. This is one of the hazards of the job. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

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