Turning film into an interactive experience

As we started this project, we were looking for answers to questions we did not know how to ask yet. Taking an existing film and turning it into an interactive experience that is both accessible and yet intriguing. Interaction between user and the content is in the foreground of taking film as a medium and creating immersion, combining multi-media content into one complete package that is engaging, educating and entertaining. Slowly, we are building up to ask the right questions. What is interesting as additional content outside of the frame of the PBS broadcasted version of the film to an audience? How does choice affect the story telling and the overall atmosphere of the experience? Who, when, where and why are certain key moments important? The result is a prototype that looks like a giant spiderweb, interconnecting stories, background and characters that make “Metal Road” the engaging narrative it is.

iDoc Concept Teaser
We are very excited to move into the next stage and start decorating our spiderweb with visually endearing, multi-media content and get one step closer to create a platform that brings the engaging story of the Navajo railroad workers to the computer, tablet and smartphone screens across the globe.


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